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Willpower Depletion

“If you don’t want to slip, don’t go where it’s slippery.” — Alcoholics Anonymous maxim

Key Ideas:

  • Willpower is a way to interrupt our automatic processing in order to do something else.
  • Our reserves of willpower are very limited, and become Depleted with use. Willpower is dependent blood glucose, and acts of willpower use up large amounts of glucose.
  • The best way to use your limited resources of willpower is to use Guiding Structure to change your environment instead of your behavior.
  • Focus on using your willpower to change your environment, and you’ll have more available when Inhibition is necessary.

Questions for Consideration:

  • Are you relying on willpower to accomplish your goals?
  • How can you alter your environment to require less willpower to accomplish what you set out to achieve?

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